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Hustle: Fine Tuning your Studio Practice, on Tuesday, April 12 from 6-8:00 at Crosstown Arts

I have the pleasure of participating as a panelist for an upcoming event entitled Hustle: Fine Tuning your Studio Practice, on Tuesday, April 12 from 6-8:00 at Crosstown Arts located: 438 N. Cleveland St. Memphis, TN 38104


Your studio practice is the front line of your art career. Making your work needs to be the highest item on your priority list, but how do you get it there and keep it there with all of the other pressures and obligations in your life? Learn some secrets to success for skyrocketing your career while keeping your lifestyle in balance.

Session hosted by Terry Lynn, Susan Maakestad, Lawrence Matthews & Nick Pena

Complimentary food and drinks

Hustle: professional development for artists is a free program organized by ArtsMemphis, UrbanArt Commission, and Crosstown Arts. The series will provide visual artists with information, resources, and opportunities to support them in the development of their professional careers. Workshop topics will range from positive studio practices to pricing work and navigating gallery representation. Questions? Contact Mary Jo Karimnia at